How to hire a food photographer

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We believe having clear communications with clients is the key to a successful photography session. When you made your next PR business plan, create a realistic budget and contact us. We will ask you some questions.

Food Photography Pricing Structure

We provide professional food photography service. Our price structure looks like below:
1. Hourly Creation Fee
2. Image Usage Fee per images
3. Cost of requested props
4. Art Work Editing Fee
5. Lighting Assistant charge

What is "Creation Fee"?

It is the fee to create (style and shoot) an image. It takes minimum 30 min per plate (or set) to style and photograph. We usually shoot the same dish from 2 - 3 different angles to give you variations. "How many plates do you want us to shoot?" is our first question to you.

Types of Image usage fee

Traditionally in Commercial Photography Industry, Image usage fee is charged to the clients per image usages per images. Also, the image usage license expires within 1 - 2 years depends on the contract. This rule still applies to the bigger productions. However, considering the most of our client's productions are smaller, We have made our image usage fee more friendly to you. It is Royalty-Free, means we do not count how many times you use the image and the license has no expiration. If you appreciate this, please remember to hire us again to renew your PR images next year.

("My mentor will kill me when he sees this. " per Mieko)


Copyright of images always remains at a Photographer who created. You are allowed to use the purchased images to promote your own business only. You are not allowed to re-sell or create products from the image to sell. This term is set in stone. No space to modify. Our promise to you is that we are not going to sell images we created while you hired us to the third parties. We might add those images to our portfolio.

Is there a fee for Prop?

Most of the time, in between my props and client's props will just do the job. However, if your project requires something custom or special, the cost of obtaining those particular items will be added to the invoice.


Art Director from the client must be present at the time of the shoot. If you are hiring us from overseas, submission of a sketch per shot is required. (If you can't draw, we will have to communicate some other way.) Additionally, he/she must be able to respond on live when we send you a polaroid (means test shot) via email.

Free Consultation and pre-shoot visit

If it is our first time shooting at your location, we would like to visit before actual shooting date to see the light and make a shooting plan with you. One (1) pre-shoot visit is complimentary.

Art Work and Editing Fee

Basic editing to make sure the image represent your work, as well as our work, is included in the price. However, if your project requires superimposing or some design artwork, additional hourly artwork fee will be charged.

Lighting assistant

It depends on the shooting project plan. Lighting assistants might be needed at additional cost. Most of the time, clients supply assistant/s to help us during the shoot to save their cost.


We shoot from only one (1) dish. However, we have the minimum requirement which is $400 per shoot.


After the pre-shoot visit, you and we will create a shooting plan together and sign the agreement before the shooting day.