Thank you for finding Mieko Photography. I specialize in Food Photography and Portraits in Maui, Hawai'i.

I will photograph your legend.

It could be a plate of beautiful dish you are proud to call it "My Work." It could be happy smiling faces of your family. When you see the images I capture, you will remember every tear, laugh, achieving the peaks or thrilling down slides of your life. Most of our lives look small and not worth to be acknowledged when we compare with others who have fame. It is not true. Every one of us is living at our best, fighting against our odds beneath our smiles. I want to acknowledge that. That's what I would like to capture, "the scene behind the image."

I wish it will bring a lot of emotions and warm affirmations when you see photographs I took. I want you to feel proud of your story. I am a big believer of the Magic of the Photography.

I'm a Maui-based solo photographer with assistants. When you hire Mieko Photography, you are promised to have my artisan. I specialize in Food and Portrait photography yet shoot weddings and events upon request. Shooting at variety keeps me motivated and learn new techniques as a photographer.

Please contact me at or 808-870-1797 to inquire my service. I work not only the island of Maui but, Oahu, Kuai, Hawaii, and the US.

Look forward to hearing from you.


ハワイのマウイ島で様々なジャンルの写真撮影を行う日本人フォトグラファーの Mieko です。 家族旅行の思い出を残すファミリーフォト、ウェディング、フォト婚などのポートレート撮影や広告用撮影のフード写真をメインに撮影しています。 日本の出版社では「地球の歩きかた」、講談社、や光文社との撮影もしております。

Mieko Photography では英語、日本語両語での写真撮影サービスを提供しています。 マウイ島での撮影はもちろんのこと、オアフ、ハワイ島、カウアイ島など他島での撮影や、日本への出張も可能です。 特に国際結婚のお客様の撮影の場合、日本語と英語両語を駆使して撮影を致しますのでお喜びいただいております。

マウイ在18年の日本人フォトグラファー。 2010年コダックギャラリーアワード受賞。 お問い合わせは日本語でお気軽に、 (808) 870-1797 or。 Facebook、Skype、 Line 等からのお問い合わせも受け付けています。

Mieko/Maui Photographer/Mieko Photography

Award Winning Photographer:

2010 Kodak Gallery Award Photographic Excellence 

2016 Foodelia International Food Photography Award